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Please stop networking just to network! Your time and others is valuable. So if your not getting the 30/10 deal (whats the 30/10 you ask? It is where you pitch yourself to 30 people out of that you should be closing 10 off the bat that you can put a monetary value on). If not then your doing it wrong!"

- Clay Laugier (via claylaugier)
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"If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it. - John D. Rockefeller"

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The Best Music to Work or Study To Could Be Video Game Soundtracks


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So as a Start up guy, a dreamer of dreams and a madman with a box (I wonder can I put that as my resume?) I get asked a lot about my philosophy on business and personal life. I going to in this blog attempt to squeeze thoughts into a easy to read list of my beliefs so here goes the first part…

 (Ps I love presenting in person because my grammar is crap)

First two rules go side by side and they  are to always remember that no idea is original the only thing that is original is how you bring it to life and what you do with your idea. See now that we have hit the great technology age it is getting harder and harder to have an original idea this is part of the reason why I love open-source but that’s for another discussion. When you dream up an idea first do research on who is doing the same thing, who is doing similar things and so on.

Then once you see that you have an edge on the world or at least adding an edge to existing products you can get going on what I call war room details. But real quick on “adding an edge to existing products” it seems now days everyone wants to “get there first” but we cant always be the first sometimes we have to come in second or third see the problem with people coming in first is that I can now see where you want to be and that’s a lot better then seeing where you are now, the guys behind you if smart can see all of your successes, your bugs,  your struggles, your networking and so on. Remember second and third get medals too! Here is another tidbit I learned from my days as  a radio show producer everyone is number one in something! We wont all be founders of FACEBook or Apple but we can create a product or brand that supports our dreams, our families dreams and future, now that’s why we are doing this right ? Change how you think of success (again I will go into the details of that for another essay)

What is a War room you ask? War room details is just that I build a war room with dry erase boards or huge pieces of paper or a chalk board. I use these to put my ideas and process down on paper that way I can have them out while I build my written plan and its a lot easier when its time for group sessions to have other people view my ideas while I explain them.

If you have just one user your number one to that user so love that user like it was your kid or your job because you know what they are going to tell at least two of their friends who will make you their first second or third choice and you win!

The second that goes hand and hand with this one is be truly grateful and thankful to your users, staff and those around you. Here is where you say “what the F$%# does gratitude gotta do with having business success” well it has a lot to do with it if you are grateful for your users they will see it and be grateful  right back. How? you ask by buying more of your product or promoting your swag that’s how! If you are thankful to your employee and partners they and I mean truly thankful to them then they will go the extra mile for you. Which means paying employees well, brainstorming sessions and future product building at least once a week. Not to mention everyone loves a person who says thank you…. Make a gratitude list  if you have to and remember to put the struggles because without them we cant learn how to do this life, work, dream better then we are doing it.

Third you hear it all the time do what you love… I mean it! Trust me I know  that sometimes life makes us have to do jobs and stuff we don’t like that’s just life but we can be doing our dreams in the what i call "in between time" that’s the time when you want to just veg on the internet or get lost in doing nothing that is the perfect time to do what you love 10min, 20min, 2 hours a day everyday can add up to a lot of time of doing something you love. Trust me once you start doing it and you figure out what it is you love then its only a matter of time after you put it out in the world ie through blog’s, websites, stores and friends/family that  you will figure out how to make money.

this ends cassette tape one please insert cassette tape 2 ( ages me a little huh) More great insights or crap which ever way you think it is to come!

Oh yea and with this remember to always look up so you can see all the great things coming your way! 

Stay strong keep dreaming and working hard together we can make a future our children will be proud of

Clay Laugier


We here at A CRAZY IDEA, INC want to wish everyone of you a happy and safe Thanks giving-

Thanks giving is a time to reflect and give thanks for what we have its also the beginning of one of the hardest times of years for those who are living in Poverty with in our own country. These people are our neighbors our friends our family our fellow Americans………

Adopt a family, child or solider for the holidays….

Volunteer at a food pantry-

Go help another person not just this thanks giving day but all year round volunteering is a great way to help it cost you nothing but your time and hour a week can change the world…

Or go be a Secret Santa to some one you don’t even know help some one in the parking lot pack their car or the woman with a number of kids struggling to put her groceries away or the older woman who needs help grabbing something off the shelf.. Hand someone who looks like they need it a twenty dollar bill and walk away tell them to “pay it forward” or to “have a good holiday” or even better “hey I think you drop this”…….

Random acts can change our country and world…

Make a Difference Make a Change


Clay Laugier